Euthanasia In America

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The United States' democratic system embraces its numerous obligations in a manner which promotes a comfortable and effective society in which the citizens may embark on everyday life knowing that the government is continually engrossed in performing its duties to protect and support the rights of the people. Although suicide is illegal, the government must recognize the trauma of those who are terminally ill in order to maintain a fair and equal democracy. By weighing these ideas and recognizing the dignity of an individual along with the law, government attempts to provide a suitable life for all. Through combined efforts of freedom of expression and censorship, liberty is maintained, because both the speaker's and the listener's rights are…show more content…
Therefore, the government and all the people must work together in order to achieve a sufficient means of living. When considering the case of euthanasia, for instance, the government must not only regard the law but must also respect the people and their rights. Recent research shows that, suicide is currently banned in almost all of the states of America, yet the constitutionality of the issue has been debate d for centuries and is still in the process. In the aspect of health care, the government recognizes its responsibility to provide ill patients with a means of being cured. However, there is a limit to how far a doctor can treat a patient. A medium must be met in order to conform to the prerogatives of dying people as well as to protect abuses of vulnerable people. If a patient is terminally ill, they would not wish to suffer physically as well as mentally, knowing they are on the verge of death. Nevertheless, the government recognized the personal dignity of an individual. As each person should have the ability to live their own life instead of being ruled by others in order to feel a sense of self-worth. According to the first amendment of the Constitution, each and every citizen is basically given the right to control his/her own life. However, this justification is not in effect if, in the process, the individual would inflict harm on others. Although the government realizes…show more content…
However, freedom also has its limitations it may not interfere with other privileges or rights. In order to maintain Jefferson’s philosophy on liberty, a compromise must be made between freedom of expression and censorship. Although people are promised by the Constitution a right to freedom of expression, there are certain boundaries which are never to be crossed. It is the responsibility of the government to preserve the law while supporting the people; for the U.S. democracy is run by consent of the people. A prime example of this controversial issue is the system of television ratings. Television violence, talk shows, and obscene films are questioned to be improper for the average television station; such viewing disrupts one's intellectual stability. Inadvertently, censorship may or may not contradict the law and the rights of the people. In order to achieve a fair and equal democracy, the government supports not only the speaker's rights but the listener's rights as well. Each individual possesses the right to freely express his/her own problems, ideas, thoughts, and emotions in a complementary fashion. However, each individual also holds the right to be addressed in an appropriate manner. The country became a better place--a society refreshed with courtesy and favorable activity where the rights of all are respected.

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