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Euthanasia Evaluation Essay

  • Submitted by: promero22
  • on February 22, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Euthanasia Evaluation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Analysis of   “Why Euthanasia Should Be Permitted”
Euthanasia is a controversial topic that is discussed among many Americans.   It has many people of different genders, races, and religions in uproar, due to the wide range of opinions one may hold towards the topic.   Some feel that it is their own right to choose to die or survive, and others feel that the practice of euthanasia is a type of suicide and also murder.   Although different people have different views on the topic, the writer of “Why Euthanasia Should Be Permitted,” takes a pro stance on euthanasia.   In the student’s paper the subtopics that are covered are violation of personal rights, economical burdens, interference with a doctor’s job, and increasing suffering.   The student states many good personal opinions to support the topic of euthanasia, but fails to incorporate expert facts, and other minor details, which lead it to be an unreliable persuasion piece.
In the introduction of “Why Euthanasia Should Be Permitted,” the writer is successful in gaining the attention of the reader.   The writer starts smoothly by introducing a doctor’s role with a patient, and explaining how this job is vital in improving the quality of a patient’s life.   As the introduction progresses into more detail, the writer slowly ends it with a very strong thesis.   It is to the point and clearly states the writer’s feelings on the topic of euthanasia.   The writer’s thesis includes strong subtopics that do not hesitate to gain the interest of the reader.   The subtopics that the writer uses
seem to be common topics for many people that are dealing with chronic medical issues.   The thesis given by the writer was an attention getter that did seem to provoke a certain need for the practice of euthanasia. The writer seemed to be very convincing at that point of his argument.
In the five body paragraphs of this argumentative paper, the writer successfully organizes the paper to guide the reader from subtopic to subtopic...

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