Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia, from Greek, translates as “good death”. (Huxtable 5) Because of this translation, it is a normal response to question whether or not such a thing as a “good death” truly exists. It is very important for an individual to question whether or not it is morally correct for someone to end their life at their own will because of things such a suffering from a terminal disease where death is inevitable. The debate about the moral ambiguity in regards to euthanasia has been going on for quite some time now. While both sides have valid responses as to why euthanasia should be legal or not, it is blatantly obvious that human beings who have been suffering deserve to pass serenely on their own terms especially since their death is inevitable. The very concept of suffering is something that people often don’t want to think about, because when someone talks about the topic of suffering, they put themselves in the shoes of a suffering individual and they don’t want to think of themselves in such an uncomfortable situation. This is a reality for patients with a terminal disease where the fact that they are going to die because of said disease is inevitable. If somone so adamantly wants to die to avoid the ongoing pain due to disease, they will find a way to do it or not, and it would be a much safer environment if euthanasia was allowed. There is a slight difference between euthanasia and assisted suicide, euthanasia is when a physician administers the lethal medication themselves whereas assisted suicide is when the patient administers the lethal medication that was recommended by a physician. (Diaconescu 1) These options are far more ideal than the idea of a patient taking their lives in a much more harmful and less peaceful way. Another important fact to consider is that euthanasia is a legal way to put down animals such as household cats and dogs. In fact,

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