Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia the word immediately conjures up the image of the famous Hollywood movie ‘Whose life is it anyway?’ where the quadriplegic protagonist goes to court to win the right to death. When the movie was released there were a lot of debates on the issue of euthanasia. The topic is far from dead even today. Some are in favor and some say it is suicide, which is a crime in our society. We need to look at the issue in a proper perspective and certainly cannot term it as suicide. Does man have a right to die as he has a right to life? After all it is his own life and who is society to decide about it? These are the perplexing questions that euthanasia has thrown up. Should we formulate a new law on euthanasia? I feel that the need of the hour is legalizing euthanasia in certain select cases and not allow it randomly. A terminally ill patient whose suffering has become unbearable should be allowed to opt for death to put an end to his suffering. This would be mercy killing and is pardonable. A few countries have taken the step and have sanctioned euthanasia in certain circumstances. We should however not forget that a lot of ethical issues are at stake here. For instance, can man play god and determine his own time of death? When we do not have the power to give life can we take our death in our own hands? Will it not lead to misuse of the power and cause unnecessary deaths, which would tantamount to murder? And who will decide whether one should be given the right to death? These and a number of other questions crop up when talking about this sensitive topic. One has to think of religious sentiments also before embarking on legalizing euthanasia. No religion to my mind will sanction this or even give tacit support to it. So religious leaders too should be consulted before taking any steps in this regard. Some religions like Jainism permits taking one’s life by

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