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Euthanasia Essay

  • Submitted by: popmasterflex
  • on November 6, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Euthanasia: The Big Decision
Euthanasia is a controversial discussion that can go either way in today’s society.   This topic is one of the very interesting ones out of the selection.   Unlike gun laws and game violence, this deals with how we are treating peoples’ lives and relates to how this could either be a form of suicide with the help of medicine or just a relief for the one in pain.   This act has been going on for a good amount of time in this world and is becoming illegal pretty much everywhere.   It’s a big issue at hand and it’s one that needs to be discussed.   This topic can relate to many lives out there, having a majority of families go through hardships with hospitals and loved ones in them.   Coming down to decisions between letting them go and taking them out of God’s hands with no hope for coming back or keeping them on the machines they could be on and waiting for that slim chance or any chance they could have for getting out of their state.   It’s not a too unfamiliar subject out in the world around us, but it’s one issue that should be brought up to in the worldly debates.   Euthanasia is an unethical way of killing, an act of murder, which invites religion, morality, government, and family into the individual's final moments of life.
As much of a clear argument this topic is, it is still being fondled around the public in a "pro-sense" form today, leading with examples from Family, Religion, and Morality.   On the family issue, there are such reasons to why this topic would benefit in a family crisis.   Euthanasia provides a way to relieve extreme pain to the patient and to also the loved ones behind them (Euthanasia Pros).   Taking this pain off of everyone's shoulders is probably the best thing to do just so they can finally move on in to life again.   Medical funds needed to keep this person alive are also a big fact of the issue (Euthanasia Pros).   Funds can range up to thousands and thousands of dollars a day if they are kept up on a machine or...

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