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INTRODUCTION It is very true that during the centuries and during very important periods of the European history Turkey has played a leading role in the facts that had been dramatized in Europe. It is already a member of a lot of organizations and after the world war two Turkey interferes Europe in a lot of sectors. The biggest part of the Turkish population wants Turkey to join the European Union apart from a small part of people who support the right or the extreme right wing parties. One of the biggest questions for the European Union leaders is if Europe is going to have borders or it will grow constantly and turn itself into an organization with no identity? Later on we will examine all the facts (historical, political and geographical) that Turkey and European Union leaders are based on to support their arguments whether they are for or against Turkish membership in European Union. One more field that we are going to examine is the economic relations between Turkey and European Union. Both economies are strongly connected to eachother. Turkey exports a lot of products to Europe. Also, Turkey with each population (about 80 million people) can be a huge market for Europe. Apart from all the above, we are going to see a number of major problems for a country that wants to join the European Union. First of all Turkey it’s a Muslim country. This is a huge problem for Europe that is like a close Christian community. Second problem is its extremely high and poor population. If the European Union leaders decide to accept Turkey in the EU they will have to support financially a huge amount of population. That is why most of the leaders are very careful with the negotiations about Turkish membership. And the third problem that Turkey faces is its respect to the human rights, democracy and freedom. Even though Turkey has democracy we will see that the army

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