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The twentieth century recognized and held remembrance for the destruction of empires, transformation of the Soviet Union, the death of 20 million followed by the death of 80 million for war casualties, and in addition the ways of people within the world changed. The standing empires after World War I included the British, French, Portuguese, and the Japanese. The Great Depression and the wreckage to the economy led to World War II. However, the world moved forward to progression. The creation of the European Union started in 1945 with progression still today. Creators of the European Union led different life styles but wanted to incorporate a diplomatic and prosperous Europe. Included within the European Union are 27 European Countries such as the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain and Portugal before 1990, and Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria through 2004; however the origination came from six countries including Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, France, and Belgium. The European Union changed its name from European Economic Community to the European Union for acknowledgement of the Unions and a total concept to include economic, development aid, and environment. European institutions include the European Parliament representing citizens of the European Union, Council of the European Union representing governments of the individual member countries, and the European Commission representing interests of the entire Union. The three institutions create the Ordinary Legislative Procedure in which applies the policies and laws of the Union (, n.d). The history of the European Union dates back to the beginning in 1945. Fourteen years from 1945 through 1959 the European Union became united. Cold war between east and west in the 1950s dominated. Soviet tanks put down the Communist regime, and the Treaty of Rome in 1957 created the European

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