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The European Union, also known as the EU, is an association of twenty seven European countries that collaborate together in order to benefit and support their economies. The concept has been around since 1957 but under a different alias, in 1993 the EU was formed. In 1957 the Coal and Steel Community was able to form an organization known as the European Economic Community (EEC) through the Treaty of Rome. Under the EEC the six members were able to freely trade within the union. Members of the EEC had high hopes for the organization. Together the union members aspired to eliminate tariffs and to all share similar wages and benefits. As time progressed the EEC had become successful in their goals. All tariffs within the members had been eliminated. Due to the organizations success other European countries began wanting entry into the EEC. Other European countries began to join the EEC, soon enough the union had countries as Spain, Greece, and Portugal as members. As a result of the expansion of the EEC the union unified and developed their own currency, known as the euro, as well as a strong bank for its members. In November of 1993 the EEC changed its name to the European Union. Throughout the unions existence it has continued to grow and expand. Today the EU has a total of twenty-seven members. Today ,as well in the past, the EU offers a variety of benefits to its members. Following World War II, efforts were made to offer peace between the European countries and Germany. The EU inflicted peace and stability to its members. The European Union helped reunite Europe to how it once was before the war with Germany. Safety and security was diminishing within the unions members. The European Union changed the countries feelings of vulnerability by protecting the members. To this day the European Union protects members from terrorism and other crimes. Protecting its

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