European Revolution Essay

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Mo Abu Sakha Mr. Greer Modern Word History October 22, 2009 Ferdinand Magellan I think that Ferdinand Magellan was more significant then Hernan Cortez, and John Cabolt. That is because he circumnavigated the world and, became one of the first individuals to cross all of the meridians of the globe. Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese maritime explorer and navigator. He was the first ever explorer to circumnavigate the world. He led five Spanish ships and 251 men in 1519, in what was to become the first voyage around the world. In nearly March of 1520, a mutiny involving two, out of the five ships broke out but it was unsuccessful because most of the crew stayed loyal. In April of 1521 Magellan was killed by natives on the island of Mactan kitchen. Ferdinand Magellan was not the one to bring back the information him and his crew had gathered, but he sure did get recognized for it. The last ship, The Victoria, arrived in Spain on September 6th of 1522. Hernan Cortez was also an important explorer of his time. This is because of his march across Mexico, and for conquering the Aztec Empire. Cortez’s accomplishments were self based more than they were country based. Cortez arrives in Mexico in around March of 1519, with around 600 people and some horses. The emperor of the Aztec Empire at the time was Montezuma II, and Cortez had a plan, to take him out. He became allies with the Tlaxcala’s, the Aztec’s enemies. They later helped Cortez against the Aztecs. Cortez’s exploration was very minor, and self based, while Ferdinand Magellan’s discoveries and explorations gave the whole world new information to use. John Cabolt also known as Giovanni Caboto was an Italian explorer and navigator. He travelled to England in 1484 and decided to stay there. Cabolt was one of the explorers who wanted to find a new and easier trade route to

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