European Influence On American Culture Essay

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Europeans have provided us with many of our everyday gadgets and gizmo's in this modern world through trade. The infinite cycle of trading around the world has shaped our modern world and culture today, consisting of life changing technology and ideas. However, the European presence in Africa, Asia, and the Americas was both a blessing and a curse, impacting and trading with people around the world, but destroying many colonies, cultures, people, and places along the way. In Africa, the European presence brought great impact and unforeseen changes to Africans and their cultures (Ellis 452). This era marked the start of the booming African slave trade, which was opposed by many leaders for the horrible treatment Africans were receiving.…show more content…
Explorer Christopher Columbus arrived in the Caribbean islands in 1492, sparking a wave of exploration that would have extreme consequences for the people who lived there at that time. His encounters in the Americas with Native Americans started a repetitive cycle of encounter, conquest, and death throughout the Western Hemisphere. Columbus first had very friendly relationships with the Taino people, but that soon changed. The Tainos offended the Spanish and failed to pay proper respect to Christian symbols and Columbus felt he had authority over them and could decide their fate. The Spanish forced Native Americans to convert to Christianity. Although the population of Spanish conquistadors (conquerors) only numbered in the hundreds compared to Native Americans who were in the millions, the Spanish had greater advantages, bringing guns, horses, and disease. The quality of European guns and cannons were superior to the arrows and spears of Native Americans. Horses frightened natives in the Americas who have never seen one before. Native Americans had no immunity to the diseases that the Europeans unconsciously carried which wiped out whole villages and resulted in the 90 percent population decline in the 1500s (Ellis

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