European Imperialism In Africa Essay

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Africa Essay The new imperialism by the Europeans to Africa in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was needed to fuel the industrial revolution.The thirst for resources and decline of the slave trade led to the further exploration of Africa’s natural riches. Consequently, conflict between the native Africans and Europeans led to both positive and negative effects for both parties (Doc 1,4). The Native Africans had the life sucked out of them after the colonization of Africa,however, the area was opened up to the world. The colonial system of government provided security of person and property in lands that were new and unexplored. The colonizers led the opening of the region to the lumbermen, miners, planters and others which began…show more content…
Imperialism led to great strides of wealth in many nations but what we must think of the overall cost. Many lives were lost and the rights of the Africans were wiped away. Wars were fought and hatred was burnt into all who were affected. The Africans were stripped of their vast wealth and in return they received a bible. The colonizers took it all away and in some cases thay lost money. Italy’s trade with its colonies resulted in a loss of 1295 million lire. It is apparent that imperialism in Africa was a negative financial drain on the Europeans. However that is just the wealth portion of the loss. The dignity of many Africans was lost as they were forced to do the European’s every bidding. The Europeans had them work for them, do everything for them and in return the Africans got nothing (Doc 4,6,7). In conclusion, the colonization of Africa was very negative with a few select positives. Colonization of Africa led to many Africans being forced to work for the Europeans looking to make money while they suffered. After the Europeans left, the Africans infrastructure was devastated since there was no skilled workers left to run the newly formed, independent countries. In some ways imperialism helped open Africa up to lumberjacks, miners, planters and others who started to cultivate Africa’s great wealth (Doc

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