The European Age of Discovery and It's affect on Women

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The European Age of Discovery brought about many new changes throughout the world. The lives of everyone on the planet changed drastically as European conquest and trade brought about the prosperity and destruction of many civilizations. From the Spanish conquering of the Americas to the bustling trade of the New World the lives of women of the Americas, Africa and Europe were all changed forever. The lives of enslaved African, Euro-American and Aztec women were all particularly changed in a big way. From the first steps of Europeans to the New World missionaries and military might paved the way for the complete cultural conquering of the native people. When the people of the Aztec culture came in contact with the Europeans their lives changed in many facets from the introduction of new technological advances to mass religious conversions of the people. The lives of Aztec women changed as their roles and power from their society dwindled from war and disease. With the introduction of steel tools such as cookware and knives their lives changed for the better, but with the conquest of the Spanish into their civilzation came great hardship. They witnessed their loved ones die from disease and the Spanish religious and political edicts encompassed their lives and led to generations of suffering and renewal into the onslaught of forced, oncoming European cultural assimilation. As the European Age of Discovery advanced, the colonization of the New World called for large amounts of labor. This was supplimented by the African Slave trade which was ongoing before the Age of Discovery happened. Even though black male slaves were usually favored over female ones, the lives of African slave women were affected in many ways. The overpowering forces in Africa which brought wars and famine and of course enslavement for the people there, lives for slave women started
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