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3/7/14 1. What are the three factors that influence the climate in Europe? Latitude, relative location, and mountain ranges. 2. In what ways have European countries impacted the world in the last 500 years? Europe’s abundant supply of coal and iron has fueled the industrial revolution and development of modern industry, there has been countless wars changing the borders and the superpowers in Europe has been colonizing different countries enslaving their people on the way. 3. How is Russia’s physical geography both a blessing and a curse? It’s a blessing because of its abundance of natural resources and is a curse because of the toughness of its terrain and harsh cold weather. 4. How did political boundaries change in Europe between 1955 and 2002? The biggest change has been the dismemberment of the Soviet Union which brought along new countries like The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine. 5. How is the European Portion of Eurasia different physically than any other continent? It is made up of many peninsulas. 6. What major changes has Russia gone through in the last one hundred years? In the last 100 years Russia has over thrown their czar and changed to communism then that failed so they changed again, but this time to a semi-presidential system, constitutional republic. The constant change in government have come from multiple rebellions and uprisings of the people that the control 7. What factors contribute to the success or failure of new nation-states from the old Soviet Union? Political freedom, economic growth, quality of life, and national unity. Azerbaijan shows a lot of those qualities like being oil rich and having a strong

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