Eurodisney's Struggles

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The Walt Disney Company open EuroDisney in April 1992, and expected their most lavish park to be a success, since it was larger and Disneyland, Disneyworld and Tokyo Disneyland. Much to the company’s surprise, European’s were not flocking to the park in the massive numbers that visited Tokyo Disneyland. At Tokyo Disneyland, families would stay overnight and often spend around $600 per visit, and many visitors were repeat customers. In contrast, European families were reluctant to stay overnight, and they did not want to spend the $280 a day to visit the park. Paris was chosen for the location of EuroDisney over 200 other sites because the French government had offered incentives to the company, along with the demographic data available showing Paris to be Europe’s most visited city by tourists. Tourists were braving the cold and wind in Tokyo to visit Disneyland, so the climate of northern France did not trouble the company when choosing this site. During the first year, the Walt Disney Company believed the park would draw 11 million tourists and generate $100 million, but by 1994 Disney had only had 9.2 million visitors in two years and had lost more than $900 million. European tourists were taking advantage of battling transatlantic air carriers and were choosing to go to Disneyworld in Orlando, because it was cheaper than EuroDisney and the location promised better weather and Florida beaches. Disney had believed that if they built a large, glamorous park in the style of American parks, the European tourists would flock to it to get their slice of American culture. This was not the case, because not only did the French people have their own beloved cartoon characters that were more popular than Disney characters, but the French, who were expected to make up 50% of park attendance, were insulted by the ads focusing on size and ostentatiousness rather

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