Eurodisney Case Essay

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1. Some factors that EuroDisney had to face during their first year were the French culture. EuroDisney never considered what the norm was for French locals. The prices were way too expensive for visitors as well as the local French person. People could not even spend the night because the hotels started at a minimum of $110 per night in 1992. This seems to be the biggest issue. Another complaint that the French people had were that “the French see EuroDisney as imperialism—plastics at its worst.” As for the factors that contributed to Hong Kong’s poor performance, the size of the park seemed to be a negative factor for visitors. The park was found to be relatively small. This leads to little competition. For example, Paris has a total of about to 52 total attractions; whereas Hong Kong’s total attractions are just 16. Another contributing factor to Hong Kong’s poor performance was that the local French people had absolutely no knowledge of the Disney characters or what they were. 2. Some foreseeable factors include: * Being unfamiliar with other cultures * The French’s attitude towards the American lifestyle due to EuroDisney being thought as “American imperialism--plastics at its worst” * Prohibiting alcohol consumption even though the French often drink wine with their meals * Difference in attitudes/opinions about American/European tourists/parents * How the World Fair in Sivelle and Barcelona Olympics attracted more tourists in 1992 * The European Recession in the 1980s, the Gulf War of 1991, extremely high interest rates, weakening of several currencies Some controllable factors include: * Incorrect assumptions about designs, marketing, prices * Advertising too early became really expensive * Poor management: made decisions based on their needs/wants * Again, the ban on alcohol consumption in the park *
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