Eurocentrism Essay

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Regulation of the Veil "Hijab is the Arabic term most commonly translated as “veil” in English—-the traditional head, face or body covering of women in the Middle East and the Islamic world. Hijab, however, does not necessarily mean “veil” in the English sense of a head scarf, and has no exact translation in English."(Pierre) the veil goes back thousands of years and was originally started on account of males not wanting their wives seen by the wandering eyes of others. Over the years the Veil has become a tradition among most woman and to others is still a set rule to stay covered; or pay consequences. When it comes to the Veil there are many factors that come into play. Should it stay legal?Is it fair? is it dangerous to other? How can we regulate the Veil to make others feel more comfortable? To us in the United States, the world around us has many traditions and cultural differences that may make us feel uneasy at times. Uneasy. This could mean in a bad way, or it could mean that we as narrow minded Americans just have not warmed up to a certain difference. Its tough to put a rule on veils because they have been around before America was even considered. Being American I am faced with different cultures everyday that I accept due to the fact that everyone has a right to be who they want to be. The Veil usually covers the face. To some people thats a scary thing. It is very understandable why someone would be concerned with a person covering their face in public because if you can only see eyes through a mask, it is hard to communicate. Although eyes can tell a lot about a persons emotions at the time, the face hold many muscles of expression and reciprocation. When it comes to the Veil, people who wear it also could use it as an excuse for crime. we also cannot tell if it is a man or woman under the veil. These days you
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