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Euro Consulting Top Firms Essay

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Below is an essay on "Euro Consulting Top Firms" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

European Locations: A listing of the firm’s offices, with the city (or cities) of its headquarters bolded. We have only listed cities within Europe. If a company does not have a European headquarters, we list the American headquarters. For consultancies without an official headquarters, we list the European locations and include the address of the largest European office. Practice Areas: Official departments and divisions that employ a significant portion of the firm’s consultants. Practice areas are listed in alphabetical order, regardless of their size or prominence. Employment Contact: The name of the department, correspondence address, contact telephone number and/or website that the firm has identified as the best way for job seekers and applicants to submit their CV and/or answer any questions about the recruitment process and opportunities.

Employer Type: The firm’s classification as a publicly traded company, privately held company or subsidiary of a public or private company. Ticker Symbol: The stock symbol for a public company, as well as the exchange(s) on which the stock is traded. Chairman, CEO, etc.: The name and title of the leader(s) of the firm, or of the firm’s consulting practice. Employees: When disclosed, the total number of employees, including consultants and other staff, at a firm across all of its offices, unless otherwise specified. Figures from the two most recent consecutive years the information is available, if at all, are included. Revenue: The net sales (in the relevant currency) that the firm generated in the specified fiscal year(s). Some firms do not disclose this information. Figures from the two most recent consecutive years the information is available, if at all, are included. Revenue refers to global operations, except where otherwise stated. No. of Offices: The total number of a firm’s offices worldwide, except where otherwise stated. Pluses and Minuses: Good points and, shall we say, less positive...

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