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Euphrates River Climate Melissa Rhoades WGU Euphrates River The Euphrates River is one of two rivers that run along the “Fertile Crescent”. The Euphrates is the longest river in western Asia and it begins high in the mountains and runs along southeastern of the hot dry desert of Iraq. The river runs parallel to the Tigris River on each side of the crescent and comes together to dump into the Persian Gulf. The river helped the development of what is ancient Mesopatamia by furnishing for the growth of the civilization in the way of providing salt marshes, river basins and the fertile plains for thriving crops. The environment has influenced the resources that the river provided. The river would receive its water from mountain rain and melting snowfall which would make the rivers and streams swell then with the summers of hot dry climate and less than 10 inches of annual rainfall would recede the water basins leaving silt to enrich the soil for crops. The river provided people of Mesopatamia clay and soil for building towns or states that were made up of houses and markets since there were no forest with trees for building. The people would build temples for religion and worship of the Gods. There would be the invention of the plow. They would make weapons and utensils. The environment has influenced the resources of the river for the soil and water to produce the crops, build the buildings and to make the tools and weapons. The people of Mesopatamia would venture out to surrounding civilizations to sell or trade. The people would trade services for food and trade on the boats on the river. The potato is the 5th leading crop worldwide today but originally it was unknown species and frightening to some. It has been referred to as a “tuber” and can be eaten in many different forms. It can also withstand harsher climates than most crops and grow in

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