Eulogy For Morrie Schwartz Essay

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Eulogy Judy Zhang 2011/8/27 First, I’d like to thank everyone here for attending my husband’s living funeral. I am Charlotte Schwartz. And here, in this room, is an extraordinary man I would like to inform you. This man was born on December 20th 1916 and will arrive at his final destination soon. This man was a sociology professor at Brandeis University and still spears his precious words on the last stages of his journey. This man was a sweet father, an amiable teacher and a fraternal friend. This man is my husband and mentor, the initiator of this living funeral and he named Morrie Schwartz. For his purpose of holding this funeral, hearing the wonderful things from the ones who love him before it’s getting late, I would not be embarrassing for sharing the details of our relationship. Morrie and me married for forty years. I love him as if he is getting into my soul. When I heard the news of ALS from the doctor, a million thoughts was running through my mind. I couldn’t accept that this man is going to leave me alone. I was frightened. But Morrie held my hands and asked me, “What do you feel right now?” I said, fear. “Okay. Now, allow yourself to drive in. Experience it, recognize it, and then let it go.” This is what he named detachment. I felt grateful for the first lesson he taught me after his herald of death came. By throwing myself into the emotion of fear, I knew what grief is and what love is. I got aware of what should I do after he is gone, living with the emotion of loving him. “Love or perish” is an aphorisms from Morrie’s favorite poet, W. H. Auden. Morrie once told me, “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” He did what he said. He gave his love to each individual that appeared in his life, even a passerby. Also, Morrie had a great impact on my idea of loving. I was so

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