Eugenics Essay

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According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of Eugenics is, “the science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics.” In my opinion I think that minus the fact that eugenics are racial and prejudice, the eugenicists are basically trying to create an “ideal person,” and are determining a person’s future based on information about their genes and how that affects them. Many people in our society claim that everyone is equal, yet by supporting eugenics, shows that certain people won’t be able to help with reproduction because apparently their genes are not good enough to help the future of the human race. Eugenics is becoming a way of controlling people and although the first amendment on the list of the basic human rights says we are free and equal, eugenics would be preventing that. The history of eugenics explains a lot as to why it was first created and gives a description of what the ideal person is based on health, money, and a way of thinking. It all started with the concept of Social Darwinism, which explains, “survival of the fittest in terms, of the capability of an individual to survive within a competitive environment.” The Eugenicist thought that amongst society’s individuals, the ones that are most important are the wealthiest, because under difficult circumstances they would be able to survive. What I wonder is how the concept of wealth has anything to done with the multiplication of genes and as I further researched the genes that are created would be able to control the way of thinking or the individuals actions. I think that although several theories prove that this will help save lives and reduce suffering, I think that if we were ever to use eugenic information we would need to use much caution. If eugenics were being used, information about individuals would be sent all

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