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Eugenics Paper Physical and mental fitness are characteristics that any reasonable person would pride in. A person’s well being is often times very important to them because no body wants to be sick, easily injured, dispirited, or depressed. In other words, people want to have as most strengths with as few weaknesses as possible. Magnificence in a prevailing species requires a concrete plan to condition it. One plan that demands such goals is called Eugenics, which is defined as the study to improve qualities of the human species by discouraging the reproduction of people with genetic defects/inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging the reproduction by people with inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics). Eugenics derives from the Greek word, Eugenes (well-born). Along with being a program, eugenics is recognized as a science that improves a species ability to survive by prolonging their suitability traits. Charles Darwin’s first cousin, Francis Galton formally conceived this idea in the late 19th century. Galton was influenced with Darwin’s concept of natural selection and as a result, Galton suggested that the principle of natural selection should be biologically utilized to enhance the competence of species. The development and utilization of the Eugenic Movement has had a dramatic impact in England, the United States, and Nazi Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries. Eugenics originated in England before having any encounters with the United States and Nazi Germany. The founder of eugenics, Francis Galton studied mathematics and earned a degree from Cambridge University in 1843. Although it is still vague why Galton had a sudden interest in eugenic analysis, we do know that Charles Darwin played a role in opening up Galton’s scientific interests. Galton was interested in the reputation of men, so he would often analyze

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