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EUGENICS SCAVENGER HUNT 1. What state passed the Racial Integrity Act, and what did it do? Virginia passed the Racial Integrity Act of 1924, which required racial registration certificates and had a strict law of what counted as the white race. It focused on the basis of scientific race assessment and the dangers of race mixing (the 1/16 Indian “non-white” rule). 2. Was Carrie Buck’s daughter, Vivian, “feeble-minded” or not? [You’re looking for specific proof] No, Vivian was not “feeble-minded.” Her mother was raped; therefore, she was not a result of promiscuity (a main reason for the trait). Also her report card was at solid B’s including an “A” in deportment, another proof of not being feeble-minded. 3. What was the ABA? And can you name one thing it did? The ABA was the American Breeder’s Association. It helped separate the positive models for superior breeding and the negative ones for to prevent inferior types. 4.Who said that the “ ‘American’ gene pool was being polluted by a rising tide of intellectually and morally defective immigrants”? Harry Laughlin said this. 5. Eugenicists thought that Germans had biological traits which made them “thrifty, intelligent and honest.” What trait did they argue that Italians carried? Italians had a “tendency to personal violence.” 6. What were at least five things Harry Laughlin said were grounds for sterilization? Those who were “socially inadequate” were grounds for sterilization including diseased, blind, deaf, insane, the “feebleminded” and orphans. 7. What were Utah’s criteria for legal eugenical sterilization? Legal eugencial sterilization for Utah included “habitual criminals, insane, idiots, imbeciles, feebleminded, or epileptics.” 8. Who are these people? They won the trophy for “Best Couple” in the Fittest Families contest held in the Texas State Fair in 1925. 9. What group of

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