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Research Proposal Eugenics: A better future? BreeaAnn Jensen 7/14/2011 Eugenics has been around for over a century, and traces of the practice of eugenics has been seen as far back as BC years. Without proper education and empathy for those without the power to help themselves, the theory of eugenics flourished in the earlier centuries. However with the spreading of education and sympathy in recent culture there has been little talk of eugenics coming back. However, as the century turned the idea of eugenics became more and more appealing. Perhaps a perverse and darker side of American and Global history, the early 1900’s to as late as the late 70’s, forced eugenics were not uncommon. The theory of eugenics is that the world can be a brighter, happier, and healthier planet through the encouragement of individuals with superior intellect and health breeding, while those with traits deemed less appealing discouraged from having children. This might sound like a good idea to some, but really that is only the polite way of putting it. Forced eugenics were not uncommon, forced infertility and abortion were more extreme answers for those who society had deemed scourges and leeches. The list of those with those deemed unfit or undesirable for their less attractive traits ranged from the mentally disabled and handicapped, the impaired, the disfigured, the poor, the drunks, promiscuous women, moodiness, hot tempered people, loud and opinionated women, and those with low IQ’s. They were treated anywhere from coerced and compensated by their governments to not breed, to forced sterilization and forced abortions. The main argument of Eugenics is that we can make the earth a better place, a cleaner place, and a happier place in just a few generations by only having those with pleasant traits and desirable traits breeding. But what it really sounds like is

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