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AP Language and Composition For being a dedicated reader and writer, Eudora Welty conveys in this piece that she never wants reading to die. For having many books to come to an end is a fear of most readers, why would the reader want their favorite book to end. Eudora wants the reader to go into depth with her as the writer and makes a story that is composed of commonly used words and also puts in some words that are timely yet sophisticated. Having been known as the little girl Eudora has the passion of reading just as much as her mother, Mrs. Callaway shows that with her rules she actually wants the people who check out the books to read them. “So two by two, I read library books as fast as I could go…” (Line42). For only being able to take two books and…show more content…
Calloway tells us in context about her love for books as a reader we read of how mean she is, but all she wants is her Library to just be a place for people who actually want to learn. Also with having people thinking she is mean they do not even want a chance of getting to know her. Mrs. Callaway has a way of letting people know that they are in her Library and she has rules to protect her books. “…her dragon eye on the front door...” (Line5). Watching very carefully for her book is her job as far as them being her life. In this Story Eudora tells us that her fear is that books coming to end, the tragedy of having a book die would be like all the books in the library to go away and not have any. Eudora has very much showed what she loves what she does very much. She cares about what she is good at Writing and reading, as well explains we can tell that she wants nothing more than being able to write. AS the little girl Eudora tells us how much she wanted to read and as Mrs. Callaway would only let her take two books was not a good thing for Eudora, she wanted to read. Welty’s mom showed no weakness for everyone has fear of the librarian. Let the world not come to the end of book, may we always

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