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Etiquette in France Etiquette is the customary code of polite behavior in society, or among members of a particular profession or group. There are so many different ways the French show the etiquettes’ and manors. Starting with their table manners, restaurant manners, and driving manners. These are just a few of the much etiquette that they have. I found all of these very interesting and some a little silly. Because, here in America I have never came across these types of norms. Here are a few tips if your ever in France and get invited to a friend or family’s house for dinner. Don’t ever show up to early; try to go easy on the first meal given to you. Most likely there will be more courses to follow, so make sure you try everything and don’t leave food on your plate. That would be an insult. When you and your guest are in the middle of conversation speak in a calm, light tone and never speak about money or religion. You might have that sudden urge to say “bon appetite,” well don’t they find it ridiculous. Restaurant etiquettes is a lot different from what we are used to. The French get offended if you order only one dish. They feel that if you aren’t hungry then don’t make plans to go out. They find it to be rude if you order coffee or soft drinks while at a nice restaurant, do not ever order a doggie bag. Another norm they follow is to never try to figure out who ordered what. Meaning, don’t try splitting the bill. They don’t find it classy. What I find most interesting is the manner they go about when driving. You may insult other drivers, it’s part of the road game. Do not drive to slowly and you may bump other drivers while parking. The French don’t take lanes to seriously while driving in town. Driving in Paris is a real sport, if you can drive around the Arch of Triumph at 6 p.m. and survive; you are becoming a real Parisian. Having good manners or

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