Ethos Pathos and Logos Mercedes Benz Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis of Mercedes Benz 2014 E-Class Advertisement Mercedes Benz targets the middle aged people of medium to high incomes. The brand is not popular with young people because it’s really expensive, therefore the E-Class 2014 advertisement targets to persuade both males and females between 28-50 years with and average household income of 20,000-60,000 per year. This market target is obviously is one of the main reasons why they chose the Playbill as the place to put this E-Class 2014 advertisement, the people that tend to go to theaters and read the Playbill are pretty much the people that has the principal characteristics to be or become a Mercedes Benz costumer. The advertisement doesn’t uses a direct rhetorical exigency but it follows the year by year redesign for the cars market. Using simple rhetorical figures and basic knowledge on how to apply ethos, logos and pathos; Mercedes Benz created a very simple advertisement for its new 2014 E-Class line of cars. Mercedes Benz doesn’t have to worry much about ethos. As a worldwide recognized brand Mercedes Benz only has to put its name and logo to a product to sell it as hot bread. The fame of the brand gives full creditability in matters of quality to the product, in this case the 2014 E-Class cars. Also being in the Playbill gives them a lot more creditability because of the target that this kind of institutions attract, a simple way to say it is that the reader by himself is giving creditability to the product because of the source from where he is getting this advertisement. But what mainly gives credit is the years and experience that Mercedes Benz has in the market, if this example was a not worldwide recognized brand they would have to use another kind of ethos to give credibility to their advertisement. The 2014 E-Class basically use pathos to appeal to three not so common feelings: luxury,

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