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Ethnology-Pop Draft Proposal Project Overview This is not a full-length research paper. You are simply writing a 2-page research proposal. Even though you are not writing a lengthy research paper, you must demonstrate in the proposal that you have done some preliminary research. Your essay must include at least 2 to 3 paragraphs of information pertaining to your topic. For example, you should provide a description of the music, pertinent definitions, historical information, instruments, famous artists, etc. You should also discuss how the music style is a reflection of the culture from which it originated. If your paper is on traditional folk music, you might also tell how it influences the contemporary popular music of the country.…show more content…
This are only three of numerous sources located in the reference section of the Pullen Library. Once you have found your topic, use the bibliography listed at the end of the articles in the encyclopedias to find additional sources. You may also include a short discography of a few important songs/albums from artists of the country/culture about which your paper is written. (Discographies are located at the end of the country chapters in the Rough Guide; however, this is not a requirement). You can also ask a reference librarian to assist you if you are unsure how to locate books or articles on your topic. Guy Leach is a specialist in music research and can help you navigate the Pullen Library music databases. He is available M-F in Pullen Library North and can be reached by email at or by phone at…show more content…
Practice writing the same sentence in three different ways. • Keep your verb tenses consistent. Do not move between past and present. • Avoid writing in first person (example: I, we). This paper is not about you or your opinions. The only time you should mention yourself is when stating your aim and objectives. • Omit any unnecessary words or sentences. Avoid repeating the same idea. • Make sure your subjects and verbs agree. • Italicize all foreign words the first time you use them. (Example, names of foreign instruments.) • Italicize names of Bands or Albums. Use quotation marks for song titles. • Begin each paragraph with an introductory or transitional sentence. Sentences following should relate to the introductory sentence. • Begin a new paragraph when introducing a new idea. • Paragraphs should be at least three sentences long.

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