Ethnography Analysis

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Broken Yolk Observation Analysis My analysis consisted of 6 different groups collected from a wide variety of individuals at the Broken yolk Café in Carmel Mountain. Over the course of two and a half hours I observed 6 groups of different people and managed to make certain assumptions regarding each group. The first group consisted of a husband and wife along with their two kids, the second group were a couple and their friend, the third group was a Muslim group of eight, the fourth group involved was the homosexual couple, the fifth group was the married elderly couple, and lastly were three teenagers observed. The party’s I had observed consisted of families while others were couples and some even just friends. Each differed slightly but surprisingly many shared many commonalities. I had done my studies on September 9th, 2012 on a Sunday at 10 A.M. and there were approximately 35 people inside the restaurant at the time. The first group I picked was at 10:05 in the morning and seemed to be the typical suburban family. They were a Caucasian family with two boys and a mother and father. They were all dressed rather nicely which signified that they probably came straight from church. As they sat down, the mother and father sat next to each other while the two boys sat across next to each other. To my surprise the family did not talk too much and not much casual conversation had occurred. The adults seemed more concerned about handling their children rather then communication. The two children weren’t exactly having the best behavior and as the mother displayed shyness and stayed quiet most of the time, the father seemed to be the more dominate figure and was trying to get his kids to behave. This could be a possible indicator that communication within the family isn’t as important as behavior in their concerns. When the waitress came over, the father

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