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Ethnography Essay

  • Submitted by: hnix99
  • on December 4, 2013
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Ethnography Paper
The subject I chose to do my ethnography paper on was minimum wage. Minimum wage is the lowest possible wage that an employer is legally allowed to pay his/her employees. Supporters of the establishment of a federal minimum wage believe and promote that this system helps in the reduction of exploitation and that it guarantees workers the ability to provide for themselves, and any family member, the basic necessities needed for survival (i.e. food and shelter). But others argue that the federal minimum wage adds to an increased unemployment rate among younger people and unskilled workers. Minimum wage work is often referred to as “skilled labor” and includes the completion of unwanted, minuscule tasks. Examples of jobs with government established minimum wage salaries are the front desk workers at college dormitories, fast food workers, a restaurant dishwasher, and a gas station attendant. The minimum wage has rose from $0.75 (in 1950) to $8.00 (in 2013), but the exact value is actually lower because as the minimum wage level has been increased by the federal government, the value of the US dollar has decreased. This loss of value and the high number of people employed at minimum wage are factors contributing to the increasing level of poverty in the US, especially because the small income is not a sufficient salary that would provide people with a substantial lifestyle to live off of. The purpose of this study was to help people understand what it is like to hold jobs that are not highly desirable and only be paid a small salary for the work that is done.
My observations were done out in two different McDonald’s restaurant locations. The first restaurant is located across from a naval base and the second is located in a shopping center across from a high school. I thought that the locations would increase my chances of observing a variety of both workers and customers. When observing, I chose to do so from a “third person” point of view. I did...

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