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Myrna Trujillo Ethnography paper April 15, 2013 The Quest For my ethnography project I have chosen to interview my mother and her experiences crossing the US-Mexican border and the correlation between her experiences, the readings from the class and what can be learned from what others have experienced. For the purpose of this paper I will refer to my mother as “Lupe”. The main purpose of this ethnography paper is to understand what Lupe experienced when crossing the border and how I can relate the readings to her experiences. I expected to learn so much from Lupe, how she felt while crossing, what motivated her to cross the border and would she repeat her actions if she was able to do so. I chose Lupe as my interview because she is someone I can trust, love and appreciate learning from. She has lived in both sides of the border and I can learn to appreciate how life can actually be from some to come to a foreign country, not knowing their native language, their customs and being away from family and everything she knew. Interview First, I gave Lupe an explanation of why I needed to interview her. The reason I have asked you to come and share with me your experiences is so that I can learn about your experiences of crossing the US-Mexican border. I am not here to judge you and your choices, but to learn and apply what I have learned to what we are learning in class. You may choose to share as much or as little information as you feel comfortable, if at any moment I ask a question you are not comfortable answering please let me know and we will move on. In advance I thank you for taking the time to sit with me as this may take several hours. We will conduct the interview in Spanish, please feel free to answer me in Spanish and I will later translate what is necessary. Lupe, this research will help me learn and understand how women felt while crossing the border. I

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