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When the Mexicans immigrated to the United States they had to face a lot of different things such as the different cultures that are used in the United States. There were people that looked down on them, because they were from another country. Most Mexicans think their lives would be better in the United States, and one in three said, “They’d move to the U.S. if they could”. (Los Angeles Times, 2010, par. 1) Over 10% of the Mexican population has immigrated to the United States already. In Mexico it is against the law to be in the country illegally and to aid (food, housing) anyone illegally in the country. Mexico deports more illegal aliens each year than the United States does. There is prejudice against the Mexicans, because everyone thinks they can come to our country to be able to use our countries services such as low-income housing, food stamps to help with buying food and monthly checks from the government to help to live on. Most of the Mexicans came to the United States to try to get money to send back to their country. This has caused a lot of people in the United States to look down on the Mexicans, because the people of the United States think that the Mexicans are stealing jobs (money) from the United States. A Lot of the Mexicans stayed in the United States after they got here, because of the scarce economy in Mexico. There are a lot of Americans that feel that the Mexicans are coming to the United States to take the jobs that our citizens of the United States could be benefitting from. A lot of the Mexicans that came to the United States have kept their customs in their heart, but a lot of them have adapted to the customs of the United States. Most of the Mexicans that immigrated to the United States still use Spanish as their main language, but their children have picked up the customs and language of the United States which is English.

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