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Asses sociological explanations for the ethic differences in educational attainment (12 marks) Some sociologists argue that some ethnic groups maybe underachieving in the education system whereas some are achieving highly, a big part of this is down to material and cultural deprivation, however there are other factors that effect it as well. Material factors may affect ethnic groups in the education system, material deprivation explanations see educational failure as results from factors such as poor/overcrowded housing, 15% of minority groups live in overcrowded homes, and low income. Multiracial people are more likely to face these problems according to Flaherty, he stated that Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are 3x more likely than whites to be in the poorest 1/5 of the population and unemployment is three times higher for African and Bangladeshi/Pakistani people than for whites, this means that ethnic groups as stated, are deprived of equpiment needed for schooling or even outside of school will have no help or extra tuition leading to poor results and underachievement. Sewell states that a number of black boys gain status by being seen as the toughest in the school. This encourages them to focus on non-academic ways of earning status and this then limits their educuational progress. Baker (2008), helps reinforce this, he believes there are four trends in education, two of them being to do with african-carribean students. He states that African-carribean often are the lowest performers in many areas and that exclusions are highest in the African-carribean culture. This highlights that exclusions lead to missing school which in the long term will largely effect them as the build up of exclusions will mean they miss out on vital information and underachieve at GCSE's, it also means they will be set in low streams and are more likely to do vocational courses

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