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Assess the sociological explainations of why girls acheive better results than boys (20 marks) There are many reasons why girls do better than boys in education . It is proven that boys mature later than girls and that girls are often ahead in language, it is said that at the age of 11 average boy is 9 months behind an average girl. Female expectation and behaviour also contribute to the fact that statistically girls are doing better than boys and I will now develop and assess some of these factors. Women expectations and plans for the future have changed over time. Sue Sharpe (1976) have carried a survey which led to her discovering that girls priorities were marrige and family over career and education however when repeated in 1994, she then found that instead of marrige and family the female priotity was now her job and careers above all . This could be one explanation of why girls achieve better results as it shows that education is their priority and they are motivated to gain good qualifications in order to succeed in their future careers. Francis and Skelton go further to argue that girls saw their careers as reflecting their identity . There was also a growth in job opportunities for women which may have led to a confident boost and a overall increase in motivation to gain educational qualifications. This therefore could be the reason as to why it is so easu for girls to do good at school as they have the motivation and attitude needed to gain good grades. However female expectations are constantly changing, they also depend on the characteristics and culture of the student e.g white female expectations may differ from those of a Asian women. Sue Sharpe, Francis and Skelton do not take into consideration individuals or cultural

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