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hWritten Assignment Student ID: Course name: ISMC007711 RELEVANCE OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Course number: Faculty member’s name: Assignment no: Date and time due in: Date and time handed in: Received by: MC1C1401 FARID PANJWANI TWO 5 PM DECEMBER 14, 2011 1.30 PM DECEMBER 14, 2011 Please use percentage scale along with a letter grade, e.g. 75/B Grade Awarded: Comments: 1 Being Muslim in the Melting Pot of South Africa’s Rainbow Nation In 1994, Nelson Mandela, an icon of peace and hope brought South Africa out of the wilderness and formed the rainbow nation, for decades savaged by the brutality of apartheid legislation of separate development for Whites, Blacks, Indians and Coloureds. In 2011, South Africa commemorated 17 years of living in a postapartheid society. And in 2010 the over one million Indians celebrated 150 years of indenture brought on by the British colonial masters who brought them from remote villages in India and forced them to work in South Africa’s sugar cane fields. In this essay, I will look at the trajectory of the Indian population more particularly looking at Muslims and adherents of the Islamic faith, who are largely Indian, but with the faith having an emerging Black population becoming adherents of the religion. This essay argues that the varied responses of the democratic process in South Africa has had significant implications for the relationship Muslims have developed over their religious identity and their relationship towards each other and others; and especially towards those who are not Indians but adherents of the Islamic faith. It argues that it is crucial for Muslims who have traditionally been lumped as “Indian” to embrace the more broader entity of South Africa. It argues that moving into laagers and withdrawing into a conservative and orthodox Islam, underscores tensions on how best to

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