Ethnic Youth Gangs In Australia Do They Exist? Essay

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Report No 1: Vietnamese Young People Australian Multicultural Foundation Ethnic Youth Gangs in Australia Do They Exist? Report No. 1 Vietnamese Young People by Rob White Santina Perrone Carmel Guerra Rosario Lampugnani 1999 i Ethnic Youth Gangs in Australia – Do They Exist? Acknowledgements We are grateful to the young people who took time to speak with us about their lives, opinions and circumstances. Their participation ought to be an essential part of any research of this nature. Particular thanks goes to John Byrne for making contact with the young people, and for his great care and sensitivity in undertaking the interviews/conversations with each person. His advice and knowledge has been invaluable to the project as a whole. The Criminology Department at the University of Melbourne hosted the research project, and we are most appreciative of the staff support, office space and resources provided by the Department. We wish to acknowledge as well the assistance provided by Anita Harris in the early stages of the project. Thanks are due to the Australian Multicultural Foundation for financial support, information and advice, and for ensuring that the project was able to continue to completion. We are also grateful to the National Police Ethnic Advisory Bureau for financial support. About the Authors Rob White is an Associate Professor in Sociology/Law at the University of Tasmania (on secondment from Criminology at the University of Melbourne). He has written extensively in the areas of youth studies, criminology and social policy. Santina Perrone is a Research Analyst with the Australian Institute of Criminology where she is currently working in the areas of workplace violence, and crime against business. During the period of the present study, she was a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Criminology at the University of
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