Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Essay

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Your Name Axia College of University of Phoenix ETH/125 I chose to write about the Russian American ethnic group. My wife is Russian American and I had interest to learn more about her heritage. There are about 5 million Russian Americans that have created large communities all over the United States. Russia was one of the first countries whose emigrants came to America in large numbers during the nineteen century. The reaction of Americans citizens of the time to newcomers was hostile because of the differences in language, culture, and religion. With this influx of immigrants came cheap labor which concerned and in some cases infuriated American citizens. The most important reason for the wave of Russian immigrants was that migration was the desire to escape political, economical and religious destitution in search of a more satisfying life. According to statistics of immigration, the first Russian immigrants came to America in the eighteen century from Alaska. “Eventually, Russia’s possessions ranged far down the Pacific coast, reaching all the way to Fort Ross in California, a mere 100 miles north of San Francisco” (Immigration. Russian beginnings, para. 1). The immigration pattern of Russians remained basically unchanged during the nineteenth century. U.S. Census data of 1910 showed data of 65,000 Russians settled in the United States mostly in California and Oregon. The Immigration site states that about 30,000 wealthy Russians came to the United States after socialism integrated in 1917. The expatriated Russians began the “red” Soviet state opposition and “were welcomed by the U.S. government, which was concerned about the spread of socialism” (Revolution and persecution, para. 2). After the U.S.S.R. collapsed until present time, Russian immigration increased and reached its peak.
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