Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Essay

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination James E. Fields University of Phoenix Ethnic Groups and Discrimination This is a summary of my thoughts as a member of the African American race. Sharing my thoughts on the African American immigration to America while capturing the history of the prejudice, discrimination, segregation and racisms we’ve faced in America. Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Africans immigrated to America involuntarily via the transatlantic slave trade from Africa and the Caribbean islands as early as the 1600’s during the English settlement. The first Africans arrived in Jamestown, Virginia on ships as slaves. The English settlers brought the Africans to America with the intent to work them as indentured servants who would work for a period of time and then be released. However, that would never happen. The African immigrants were not released; instead they would be forced to work as slaves on plantations where sugar, cotton, coffee and tobacco were grown. Treatment of slaves would not only be unfair over the years but it would become brutal and inhumane as owners used barbaric tactics to induce fear as a weapon to control, manipulate and oppress the African slaves. This form of intimidation would continue throughout the years. Racial hate groups would begin forming in American where the African slaves were a major target. None would be more recognized and as the Klu Klux Klan. An organization formed on white supremacy. This organization was personally responsible for the burning of crosses, arsons, lynching and murder of Africans. Slavery would eventually be abolished sometime after the conclusion of the Civil War. However, they would not be considered equal citizens. They would have to endure segregation. Despite working on the kitchens of many of the restaurants they could not eat in there.
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