Ethnic Groups And Discrimination Essay

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Axia College of University of Phoenix I do not come from Russian ancestry, nor do I have any other ties to Russia. My main reason for choosing Russian immigrants (Russian Jews in particular) as an ethnic group for this assignment is because I have recently started to learn the Russian language. To be quite honest, I do not know anything about Russian history, its culture, or how the Russian immigrants came to the United States. Russians first came to the Americas in the 1700’s as part of the fur trade. Russians colonized in parts of Alaska until they sold it to the United States in 1867, after which most returned to Russia. During their stay the Russians converted many native Alaskans to the Russian Orthodox religion and established many small Russian communities. It was not until the late 19th century that Russians started to immigrate to the United States. The main reason for the first wave of immigration was due to pogroms, or according to Wikipedia “riots directed against a particular group, whether ethnic, religious, or other, and characterized by killings and destruction of their homes, businesses, and religious centers” (para. 1). The outbreak of anti-semantic riots left thousands homeless and penniless, so they headed across the Atlantic in search of a prosperous future. The second wave of immigration occurred post World War II. Russian Jew refugees fled The Soviet Union to America for fear of persecution. Although, Life in America was better than their life in back home, Russians, as with most other immigrants of the time, were restricted to the slums of New York known as Jew-town. They faced discrimination along with other Eastern European immigrants of that time; many lived in slums, had to take low paying jobs in factories and mines, and could not join American workers unions. The third
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