Ethnic Groups And Discrimination Essay

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Ronnal E. Coop University of Phoenix Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Through my research, I have found that Mexicans immigrated to the United States. The start of this immigration was right around the late 19th century. It was the railroad industry that brought many Mexican immigrants to the United States (2011). Many Mexican immigrants come to the United States seeking higher paying jobs than what was available in Mexico. According to Schaefer (2006), Mexican factory workers started out making only $2.90 a day. That’s not very much compared to what they could be making in the United States. No American that I know of would work for a measly $2.90 a day. For the simple reason that they were willing to do just about anything to make more money than they did in Mexico, many, if not all, of the Mexican immigrants were affected by the dual labor market. Mexican immigrants were willing to do work that Americans didn’t want to do and they were grateful to do it for a lower price than most Americans make. They were firmly lodged at the bottom of the nation’s social and economic hierarchies (Schaefer, 2006, p.106). Schaefer (2006) stated, “overall, we can conclude from the research that immigrants adapt well and are an asset to the local economy” (p.109). Mexican immigrants make up a majority of today’s 32.5 million foreign-born people (Schafer, 2006, p. 95) and they have not traveled an easy road to get to where they are today. Mexicans have faced segregation and racism from the American people. This caused them to form the League of United Latin American Citizens in 1929, which is still active today (2011). Racism towards Mexicans was heightened during World War II when Mexican youths were attacked by sailors in 1943 (2011). There was also the Sleepy Lagoon Case, in which racism from the judge and the prosecution led to a
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