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Ethnic Group And Discrimination Essay

  • Submitted by: laprisha1
  • on April 15, 2012
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Assignment: Ethic Group and Discrimination
Laprisha Paddio
ETH/125-Cultural Diversity
July 4, 2010
Rebecca Mayernik

Assignment: Ethic Group and Discrimination
As a proud descendant of the African American ethnic group, there has been a long history of racism and discrimination dating as far back as the eighteenth century in North America, thus, the oppression of African American people has found ways to fight for equal rights and opportunities. African Americans were forced to migrate from Africa to the thirteenth colonies through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. In all some eleven to twelve million Africans were forcibly carried to the Americas. Of those, roughly one-half million were taken to mainland North America or what became the United States (Berlin, 2005).
Most Africans were brought to the new world to become servants and field workers and slaves. In 1816 there was a constitution to help free African Americans in emigrating to Africa. This was called The American Colonization Society (ACS) by Robert Finley, a Reverend or a presbyterian minister from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The motives of the ACS members varied considerably. Some were genuine allies of free blacks and concerned for their welfare. Some hoped that colonization would eraticate slavery. Others wanted to maintain the institution of slavery but to rid the country of free blacks, who they believed posed a serious threat as potential formenters of slave rebellion   (Africans in America part 3, 1998).
African Americans faced prejudice, segregation, and racism, all of which played a significantly large role during enslavement. Even after the slaves were granted citizenship during the Civil War, segregation was still very active in the South. This act involved separate bathrooms, restaurants, school systems, separate buses, trains, usage of different water fountains, hospitals and nursing homes, even where they were buried. Although there was segregation present in the South there were...

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