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Ethnic Group And Discrimination Essay

  • Submitted by: brandylou0124
  • on November 10, 2011
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Ethnic Group and Discrimination

I am doing my paper on white ancestry. The colonialized in America clear back in the 1700’s. They made up more than 60% of the population. From what I have read there doesn’t seem to be racism, discrimination, segregation or prejudice against white people. Several different races and ethnic groups didn’t like the white people but the white people ruled the country back then. Nobody but white people had rights. White people were very racist over the African Americans. For many years we used the African Americans as slaves.   (P Barton) White women were discriminated against a lot because women were not allowed to work and earn money. They were made to stay home and cook clean and take care of the kids and husbands.
White people faced dual labor but in a good way. White people got the “primary labor” and other ethnic groups got the “secondary labor” jobs. Primary means the better jobs and secondary means the bad jobs. (Kenneth Hudson)   The rich people received all the high end jobs and got promotions and the poorer people got all the dirty work and low pay. Most minority groups worked for pretty much nothing bringing home maybe .50 cents a day and the Americans would be bringing home 1.50 a day or more. The minorities barely hung on and struggled to feed their families and they had to sit back and watch the white people live a life of luxury. Reverse discrimination took effect on the white race. People hired a white man for a job that had no experience instead of hiring another man with all the experience needed the man with no experience was hired because of his family name.
I think the glass ceiling, glass wall, and glass escalators happen in every race. Glass ceiling is pointed mainly at women because they are not allowed to succeed like a man can. Glass ceiling deprives women of opportunities.   (Civil Rights Monitor) Glass escalator refers to a man entering a women’s work area and getting a promotion before the women does....

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