Ethnic Awareness Essay

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Written Assignment 2.1 Term Paper I - TOPIC THE ASSIGNMENT: Choosing a Term Paper Topic according to the list provided below. THE PURPOSE: To gain an idea of the student’s perception of their topic choice prior to researching the topic. THE PAPER: · REQUIREMENTS: The paper should be 1-2 paragraphs in length, typed and double-spaced (12 pt). Be sure to source your information using in-text citations and a reference page using APA format for any outside information used. · CONTENT: You will write a minimum of one paragraph explain the topic you chose, what you know of it at this time and what you hope to gain in researching your topic choice. There will be no more than TWO students per topic. o The following is a list of topics. 1. How does the Bill of Rights affect policing? 2. A court case where the Eight Amendment was used to overturn a verdict 3. Capital Punishment. 4. Police in the Schools 5. Registration of Sex Offenders – Adult or Juvenile 6. Miranda Rights 7. Waiving Juveniles to Adult Court 8. Cyber Crimes 9. Advancements of Forensics 10. CSI Effect 11. Impact of crime on celebrities 12. Media impact on Crime 13. Impact of Terrorism on the Criminal Justice system 14. School Shootings by Adults or Juveniles 15. Cultural changes that have impact changes on the Criminal Justice system 16. Hate Crimes How your assignment should look Header: Single-spaced, aligned to the right. Students Name CRIM 101 Online Assignment Name Date This must be a minimum of one FULL paragraph, identifying and describing your paper topic in a word document. This will serve as an assignment to be uploaded through Blackboard link. Points:
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