Ethis & Legal Enviroment Essay

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Ethics and Legal Environment Name Professor’s Name Course Date Using Professor Joseph Badaracco's "right-right" framework the situation facing Mega Abbott as the respected senior vice president of CyberFire Corporation can be handled using the four steps as presented by Professor Joseph (Badaracco, 2002). 1. Which way creates the most amount of happiness for the most amount of people? Megan Abbott though through a fraudulently way gets a job through the right recruitment process at CyberFire Corporation as an assistant project facilitator which according to her papers she was overqualified. Due to her competency at work she raises rightfully through the ranks to a senior managements position, it is a fact from the records of her performance that her evaluation results ranged from very good to outstanding. In addition, she has through her handling of a variety of projects for the firm increased the revenues of CyberFire Corporation. This has earned her a lot of respect from the company except for a few rivalries like Jason due to her success that is normal. From the company point of view, it is clear that the only unhappy person with Megan is Jason and the reasons are quite clear. That, they competed for the senior Vice president position and Megan worn the position due to merit which is quantifiable through her consistent increase in performance at the company (Hosmer, 2011). On the basis of which way creates the most amount of happiness for most amount of people, Megan should retain the job despite the clear fact that she defrauded the company into giving her the job, she makes most people happy and her dismissal because of this mere fact may derail the progress of the company. 2. Which individuals and which groups have rights we cannot violate? Based on which individual have rights we cannot violate the situation may be quite different

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