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37 Wanda Jayne May 29, 2012 ETH/316 Barbara Holloway Introduction This essay is a view into organizational ethics and the personal decisions the characters in the film are making. In parallel to the story, this paper also discusses a famous murder case in Queens, New York, in 1964. The behavior of the characters and the ethical appearance of the organization and the individual is given as well. Important Issues In the film, Good Vibrations, a contractor is breaking concrete in the street. On the sidewalk, as a result of the vibrations, a loose slate tile is vibrating. An office worker looking out his window from above notices various people tripping on this loose piece of slate. He chuckles as one passerby trips. A little bird is attempting to grab a crumb on top of the vibrating block. It appears he may be in harm’s way. The office worker closes his eyes in fear. He has fellow employees joining him who are also displaying concern for the bird. At the same time, the contractor is peeking back several times to the events occurring and returns to his work. A very old man is approaching the vibrating block. The office worker is attempting to open a stuck window to alert the old man. He watches as the old man takes his cane and pulls a horse over the block to prevent anyone stepping on it. A little boy on a tricycle goes around the horse. The film displays the windows of the building with employees watching the events down below. The office workers are exhibiting concern for the weakest characters. The individuals who appear competent, there is a disregard for their safety. The contractor is totally ignoring any events of accidents even though his company could be held accountable. The issues are several. First, the litigious liability the contractor is placing his company is clear. He simply needs to pull the horse over the

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