Ethics Vs. Laws Essay

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The Rise of the Sports Agent: Ethics vs. Laws of the Business Bain Walling Park University I. Athletes of Today A. Salaries B. Technology has made the world smaller II. History of the sports agent A. Not a lucrative profession to start B. Arnold Palmer – Providing entertainment outside of the ropes III. The not-so- glamorous side A. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Tom Collins B. Michael Beasley – great potential at an early age IV. Finding the right agent, loopholes and the immediate tackling by lawmakers A. Athletes can take responsibility B. Deter and protect - laws and regulations C. “Runners” D. Texas puts the hammer down V. Conclusion – an outsider’s perspective A. If no one is being punished, are unethical actions being committed? B. Controlling your destiny In today's era, professional sports are one of the most profitable industries in the world. The amount of money generated by various leagues, franchises and players must seem comical to a person with no interest in athletics. Why should any one individual deserve a multi-million dollar contract for playing a game? Even to the most avid of fans, the players' salaries, on their own merit, are exuberant compared to the millions of people who watch. Also, with media and technology today, professional sports are more global than they have ever been; through newspapers, a construction worker can read about the talent of an up-and-coming of a high school athlete. Via the internet, an office employee can learn that a football player on his or her fantasy team has been injured while participating in something as mundane as a corporate event. Because of all the demands and attention, athletes do not have the time to manage their outside interests. Thus, the sports agent was created. Mainly dating back to the 1960s, sports agency does not have a long history. A

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