Ethics, Responsibility or Sustainability in Business

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Aston University Aston Business School Coursework Assignment Candidate Number: 336424 Part 1 Essay – Ethics, Responsibility or Sustainability in Business 12 March 2014 Abstract This essay will discuss key ethical and responsibilities issues involving one large multinational organization (Siemens) accused of corruption and bribery in Brazil since 1998 on Rail Transport System in Sao Paulo state. The allegations are constantly being reported on the media with Brazilian governor saying that Sao Paulo state will sue Siemens for price fixing, corruption and bribery. The accusation is also related to a possible Cartel organized by Siemens defined on this essay as a formal "agreement" among competing firms. It is a formal organization of producers and manufacturers that agree to fix prices, marketing, and production, according to Sullivan and Sheffrin 2003. For the purposes of this essay, references to corruption primarily imply private‐sector bribery of public officials. The definition of corruption used is commonly defined as the misuse of entrusted power for personal or private gain and bribery is used to obtain or retain business, or for any other improper business advantage. Other forms of corruption include embezzlement, fraud, extortion, bid‐rigging, political corruption and undue influence, and “state capture” for example fixing the rules of the game. Bribery has been described as ‘a practice involving the payment or remuneration of an agent of some organisation to do things that are inconsistent with the purpose of his or her position or office” (Adams and Maine, 1998, p. 49). The essay will analyse those issues using selected frameworks, theories and concepts covered on the module BHM305 at Aston Business School.

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