Ethics Reflection Essay

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Individuals are always in the process of making choices and decisions. It does not matter if they are transcendental or general decisions, the vast majority is formed by their values and points of view of what is correct or what is not, that which by definition is commonly referred to as ethics. As referenced in the ethics awareness inventory, the base for making ethical choices is founded by four fundamental values: character, obligation, results and equity, also known as CORE. These represent the ethics philosophy persons use to make ethical decisions, be it personal or professional. A business, a company, or an entity just as a person does, has a personality and a set of rules that direct and influence the subtleties of making choices. Therefore, careful consideration must be given to finding a balance among the leaders of the company and the organization itself. If an employee is in ethic agreement with the company, the employee will have a sense of belonging and have faith in the mission, product or service offered. However, if an employee is in disagreement with the ethics of the company, this employee will experience conflict. The ethics awareness inventory defines the first value as character. This feature focuses on the development of a solid principle of good morals. A person with good moral shows a strong behavior and strong beliefs in honesty. In addition, individuals who based their ethical perspective on good nature, look for traits such as honor, justice and integrity. In addition, they are focused on what is good that instead of how to do good. The second feature is obligation, which is defined as the duty of the individuals or the responsibility to do what is considered morally correct. From this point of view, ethical decisions should be appropriate under any circumstance, respectful and committed to promoting individual freedom and allow

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