Ethics Paper (Made Up Idea)

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Craig Schott CS Ethics Naps Automated Public Transportation After considering some options, I came to the conclusion that if I could work on any project it would have to be something that would be provided to help everyone including the poor. I would not want to dedicate my time to a project that is exclusive and some people could not benefit from it. The project I would dedicate my time to would be to improving public transportation around the world. We would do this by having a predefined path for each bus, just like the system we have now, although now it will be the buses driving themselves. The software should also be able to recognize that the check engine light is on, and that it needs to be looked at. Also, the use of sensors and satellite imaging would give us enough information to avoid accidents and people, while still being able to navigate to the destination. With this we would of course need to account for accidents and road construction. For this problem we would implement a program just like common GPS, where if there is road construction or if police officers have the road blocked, our vehicle will find an alternative route. The bus will travel at or below the speed limit to ensure safety of its passengers. It would need to be constantly scanning its environment and relaying that information into the software we would implement that would take many things into consideration. It would need to have the door close, which would operate like a door at an airport, where it clearly states the doors will be closing and to move away from the doors. Once closed and before departure it would need to first check if there are any road blocks reported to our system or road construction (which would have to be updated as incidents happen) and make any redirections it would need by requesting a new route (kind of like Google maps, where you can have

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