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1) What is Ethical leadership 2) Why be an ethical leader a) Traits and 3) When 4) How b) Components of ethical leadership 5) Components of ethical leadership 6) Example of ethical leadership: Michael Woodford c) Who he is d) The story of what happened e) Olympus conduct f) Where he is now Every day in every paper in America a call for an increase in ethical behavior dominates the headlines. However, there are few answers to what ethical leadership actual is. Numerous media demands insist that leaders be of good character. Is this the answer to what ethical leadership should be? While a good character is an effective beginning, the idea of ethical leadership is far more complex. Ethical leadership involves doing the right thing at the right time every time, honesty, inspiring others to follow that example, exemplifying organizational values and objectives, concentrating on organizational success over personal achievement, openly discussing ethical behavior, establishing an organic, ever-developing environment of ethical guidelines, respecting the opinions of others, and frankly evaluating opposing views.

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