Ethics Of A Chemist Essay

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ETHICS OF A CHEMIST As a chemist, we shall fulfill our obligations, so as to uphold the sanctity, dignity, reputation, and standing of the profession. We should seek to advance chemical science, understand limitation of our knowledge, and respect the truth. We should ensure that our scientific contributions and collaborators, are thorough, accurate, unprejudiced, and impartial in design, implementation, and presentation. Besides that, we apply our knowledge and skills to the best of ability of it, to serve the public interest and safety. We actively be concerned with the safety and health of co-workers, consumers and the community. Public comments on scientific matter should be made with care, accuracy, and precision, without any unproven, overstated, or premature statements. In working sector, we should give loyal willing and diligent service to employer. Furthermore, provide all the skills and competence were claimed when entering employment. We shall willing to learn new and improved methods of working, and to accept training and education. We shall not to obtain, attempt to obtain, or accept, any bribe, secret commission or inducement of any sort. We protect and promote the employer’s legitimate interests. We also not to divulge employer’s bussiness confidential information to others while fulfill our conducts. Chemists, as employers, should treat subordinates with respect for their professionalism and concern for their well-being, without bias. A safe, congenial working environment, and fair compensation should be provided well by us. Equal opportunities shall provided for all employees. We provide informative and constructive references to those are new in related field or methods . Avoid unfair or misleading statements to industrial tribunals investigating complaints of unfair or dismissal by an employee. Chemist should regard the

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